Working As A Customer Advocate At Sprint

Sprint (formerly known as Sprint Nextel) offers mobile phone and mobile internet service, including text messages and voice mail, to individuals and businesses. And, as of 2015, Sprint has the highest post-paid churn rate” (rate of contracted customers switching to another carrier) in the nation. Work on providing better quality customer care service for customers. It's also easy to understand the way Sprint's plans work.

After speaking with about 15 different customer service reps over the two month time frame we finally learned that we had also signed up to a new 2 year contract that we had not authorized. Time I could have spent with family or friends was spent dealing with Sprint customer service”.

These calls were billing questions, bill payments, phone purchases, activating phones and verifying coverage areas. Across internet blogs, Sprint was accosted for allegedly penalizing consumers for trying to get what they paid for, and opinion was that the frequent calls only reflected poor service by Sprint itself.

Even though Sprint is more expensive than budget carriers and has less coverage than the best networks, it is a decent option if you live well within Sprint's coverage area. When I called however they told me that the plan had not been ended and actually was cancelled prematurely” due to the bill not being paid.

Sprint is also known for offering discounted leases on the latest premium phones, with the condition that customers commit to staying with the company for the duration of the lease. Please forward this to the Sprint security department - Over the weekend our CEO's wife received a call on her company cell phone from telephone number 336-755-9006 which is a number assigned by Sprint.

Been paying insurance for 8years never 1 time had to get a new phone use my insurance or anything. I then call back and they told me sorry you already began your new month of service so it will automatically be canceled at the end of your billing cycle. That's actually pretty good and gives you a little more data than Verizon or AT&T, although T-Mobile gives you a generous 50 GB before it threatens to reduce your speeds.

They are crooks and do not care about the customers once they rope them into service. That's right, in June 2007 Sprint fired about 1,000 of its 53 million wireless customers for excessive calls to the contact center, mostly for billing and general account issues.

Don't sign up with this company is not worth it. You will pay a lot money for a company that has same service as metro pcs which just cost $40 monthly and SPRINT almost $100. Posting on the Sprint users' message board, one customer who received one of these letters said the calls she made to Sprint were for errors in the company's billing.

In July 2018 I upgraded 4 phones and at that time was offered a promotion plan. The second week we were there, we got Sprint to donate about ten Bad customer service phones for use in the shelters. I expect that means the company plans to have the 2.5GHz and 600MHz spectrum it would hold should the merger be finalized deployed by then and T-Mobile customers would also be on what's essentially a new network.

The Sprint team couldn't set up the phone correctly for various reasons (scanning the wrong phone, charging the wrong account, etc.). Their incompetence forced me to sign 2 separate agreements before they got it right. The Sprint "manager" tricked me into having a service 130 bucks a month.

This merger is kind of the same situation — the phone you have in your hands will probably work just fine throughout its normal life even if the name of the company you pay each month changes. I have already planned to move my account to different service once my contract is over.

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